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In our menu the boats are roughly divided into four different types; 1) Rowing and river boats, 2) Flat boats, 3) Center console boats ergo Cc boats, and 4) Hard-top ergo HT boats.

A rowing boat and a river boat are a boat moved by one or a maximum of two people by rowing. A river boat is usually narrower than an ordinary rowing boat on a cottage beach. Rowing of these takes place with oars, which are attached to the sides of the boat with rowlocks. In addition to this, a rowing boat can almost always be fitted with an outboard motor, which is less than 5 hp. Now days rowing boats are increasingly being used with electric outboard motors, which have been developing really fast.

A Flat boat is typically only slightly heavier than a rowing boat, but its stern shape is flat and considerably wider. Although a flat boat is almost the same length and even weigh as much as a rowing boat, an outboard motor is usually used to move it. The flat stern shape allows for use of a higher power outboard motor. Usually 9,9 - 15hp outboard motor is used. With a suitably powerful outboard motor, the flat boat also planes, meaning the speed is considerably faster than a rowing boat. In addition to this, a flatboat is almost always sturdier than a typical rowing boat, which is why flat boats are often also equipped with trolling equipment.

Center console boat is similar in shape to a flat boat, but is steered from the steering wheel instead of the outboard motor arm. A center console boat is often also considerably heavier and, thanks to its weight, also more sturdy. The engine power of pulpit boats varies between 20 - 200 hp, so the range is wide. The lengths of center console boats also vary from small boats up to less than 4m to large boats over 6m. The weight also varies a lot. Length and weight almost always also affect how sturdy the boat is and also for what purpose it is suitable for. There are many things that affect the choice of a boat, but all center console boats can be used for trolling, for example.

The HT boat has a similar shape than the center console boat, but the boat has a fixed roof. The steering console is typically located under the roof, allowing the boat to be driven in shelter from the weather. The size and weight of the boats are usually almost similar to those of open boats. The engines are also of the same size, ie 20 - 200 hp. However, there are significantly more HT boats semi-planing than center console boats. These boats are typically equipped with lower power engines, and the mode of operation is usually camping. Nevertheless, they can also be used, for example, in trolling.

Bonete products are designed for all boat types, and in this menu we want to show you the products that are just right for your boat type. Many Bonete products have multiple uses, so introducing them is also very important to us. Under the four different boat types, you will find all the solutions suitable for that boat type, as well as the product-specific operating solutions, mounting method, and the most important product features.

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Veneen kaiteet RST

Hand rail 750/150mm

64,90 €
ei vie lattiatilaa
Perustoimitus 4,5m + 1,5m lisäosa

Shore docker 4,5m

349,00 €
Installation frame
Rodholder for rowboat

Fishing frame

99,00 €
Vapaputki 4 kiinnityskorkeutta

Rod holder 4H

25,00 €
Teline vavoille tai muille venetarvikkeille

Targa arch 125-141cm

249,00 €
Jokiveneen vapateline RST
Vapateline veneeseen
Takila RST

Downrigger stand

69,00 € 129,00 €
Veneen 1000mm kaiteet
Veneen 750mm kaiteet

Hand rail 750/100mm

59,90 €
Veneen kaiteet HST
Venekaiteet 500mm

Hand rail 500/150mm

54,90 €
Veneen kaiteet Bonete HR500

Hand rail 500/100mm

49,90 €
Kiinnitysteline veneeseen Bonete PRO2
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