Back of the boat

Back of the boat will;

ADD FEATURES: Although many HT and open boats steered from the back seat typically have the side of the boat behind the wheelhouse, it is often too low or too far from the steering wheel. As a result, the driver's back usually does not rest on it well enough. At the same time, the adjustable Bonete backrest raises and brings the backrest closer to the driver. The second backrest bench combination model is designed for boat fishing, and this product can be turned into a bench where you can sit and throw a lure.

ADD COMFORT: The backrest can be adjusted to just the right distance from the steering wheel and to the desired height, allowing you to lean on it like a normal bench. Steering is much more robust, which affects the well-being of the whole body, especially during long journeys or long-term driving, such as trolling. The backrest bench combination product allows you to do the throwing fishing from the boat while sitting firmly instead of standing.

ADD SAFETY: The boat oscillates significantly in strong waves. The lighter the boat, the more it jumps at high speeds. The adjustable backrest is easy to lean on, which gives the driver support from behind instead of just the steering wheel. This feature significantly increases safety, especially in high waves and high speeds. The backrest bench combination product works particularly well in waves, making the boat more oscillating during casting.

ADD VALUE: The backrests improve the boat's features and safety, especially in fast-moving boats and trolling boats. The backrest is easy and quick to remove with just a few bolts when it is no longer in use, or there is a need for a backrest on another boat.

ADD ANYWHERE ANYWHERE: The backrest can be quickly installed on your boat's own 25mm rear railing, and it can be installed on any boat model using the Bonete boat railing. The backrest is mounted with plastic 25mm pipe connectors so that it can be adjusted in the up / down position. In this case, the product can be moved up quickly, making it easy to open the storage door under the back seat. The backrest bench combination product can be mounted on a handrail anywhere on the boat where the casting takes place.

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Boat back / bench

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Boat back

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