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Mounting bracket for a boat that fits all typical 3-5" screen sonars and chartplotters.




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Mounting bracket Bonete PRO2 enables the installation of chartplotter or sonar to the desired location on the boat. Fits well also for mounting other boat and fishing gear. The product ensures, that the device can be mounted to the boat, sturdily, securely and reliably. Versatile adjustment possibilities of the bracket, help to get the screen right to the desired direction and angle.

Technical features

  • Same product fits 25mm horizontal and vertical pipe
  • All Bonete PRO2 module parts are made low carbon stainless steel (AISI 316L)
  • The plastic mountin part are made of black ABS plastic, which is very resistant to UV light
  • Plastic is easy to work with a cheap drill bit, and the bracket is a perfect fit for any device
  • All mounting bolts and nuts used in the product are made of Wurth acid resistant material
  • Very sturdy and strong mechanics that can withstand all sea weather conditions
  • If the need for use or boat changes in the future, this product can be upgraded with new Bonete PRO2 module parts
  • The brackets 25mm mounting stauff is a plastic-rubber compound that acts as a hinge (if not tightened too much) and leaves no marks on the mounting tube
  • As an accessory optional 25mm aluminum stauff, which is a very durable, sturdy and reliable mounting method.

Bracket models

  • Mounting part options: A (no mounting foot), B (table piece), C (edge piece)
  • Bracket models: 2 (hinge + 80mm tumbler + 25mm stauff), 3 (hinge + 2*80mm tumbler + 25mm stauff)
  • Options: 2A, 2B, 2C, 3A, 3B, 3C + optional accessories
  • All bracket models have the same mounting part made in Finland, which can be installed in horizontal or vertical position

Dimensions of the mounting part

  • The exact dimensions are given in the pictures
  • There are no pre-drilled holes in the plastic fastener, as the location and the number of holes required depend on the case and ABS plastic is easy to machine with any drill


  • You should measure and drill the holes before installing the bracket on the boat
  • The installation method depends on the bracket model (A,B or C)

A) No seperate fastening part. Fastening will be done with a mounting stauff to 25mm horizontal or vertical pipe

B) Table piece. Fastening with an M10 bolt and / or screws to a straight surface, such as console cover

C) Edge piece. Fastening with an M10 bolt and / or screws for example, on the side of a console or boat. If screws are used, it is adviable to try the best mounting angle of the edge piece first with just a bolt, as the screws lock the edge piece to the desired angle.

Bracket suitability for sonar and chartplotters

  • HOOK2-4X-BL
  • Probaly all older 3-4" sonars and chartplotters, as well as all 5" devices, that have a square shaped foot.

The suitability of the product can be easily checked by comparing the mounting holes of your device and the dimensions of the mounting plate shown in the illustrations. If you want make sure that the product is suitable for you device or to a assemble a mounting bracket suitable for your purpose, you can contact In the e-mail, state the manufacturer, model, and the year of purchase of your device.

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